Thursday, February 18, 2010

What Does A Virgin Hymen Look Like What Should A Hymen Look Like?

What should a hymen look like? - what does a virgin hymen look like

I hate to frontier TMI but need help ... I've heard that the hymen is that the lip / flap of skin around the vaginal orifice in a closed circle. Is that true? Flappy I have this thing, but this is only a half-circle, and not all the way around and is like a Wish Bone ... Is this normal? I have all my life, active (martial arts, eepecially so I do not know if I still have my intact) ... I am a virgin.


RIck T said...

The hymen is a membrane that does not always keep the same in every woman. Sometimes more than one opening, and there may be several of May, or to cover the vaginal opening less than others. His active lifestyle, which affect very well, but it is highly unlikely, so no need to worry.

mikk said...

Who in their right mind wants to see, perhaps accompanied by a doctor. Geeeeeeeez!

mel bell said...

Heres a link and a diagram of a look and do not feel I had to look stupid because they did not know who or what was

SteelRai... said...

hehe, thats the lips. There are actually two lips, the lips (This is not a constellation of stars: P)

Most girls, err-all girls have some obvious and visual, but all the girls.

As for sports, yes, can the hymen to tear everything from bicycle kick ....... Losing is nothing wrong and did not even notice. The composition is similar to the skin around the nails. If you break bleed a little, but not much.

Do not Sweat-nothing to be nervous. Their birth order, and say truthl remains their fast.

Rectal Thermometer™² said...

If your property! You should have an opening the size of your finger. is normal

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